What Our Community Has to Say


"Socialization for a puppy is essential. Animals don't have the same response to new experiences that we do.  A puppy that has been properly socialized is going to adjust to new experiences more rapidly, and they're going to do it in a more healthy manner."


- Dr. Jim Miller, DVM

Heritage Animal Hospital


"Stephanie is taking her 15+ years of knowledge and experience and condensing it down into a program that is easy to follow. It is very simple, it’s not hard, you just follow step-by-step. You do have to be consistent, but it creates very well behaved dogs. This program is for anyone that's interested in breeding dogs. No matter what your breed of dog is, her program is going to work for you."


- Alana

Breeders Bootcamp Certified Breeder

What is The Major Difference?

"For us, the Major Difference is the premium way to raise a dog. The transition for puppies coming out of their program is amazing. The dog quality is amazing. We had a dog that was not raised following this program, and he was terrified of every noise. Our current dogs sleep through fireworks, sirens- you name it."


- Katelyn and Ian

Majors Dachshunds Owners

 "There is absolutely a need for a simple-to- follow training program for breeders. The window that we have with these puppies is so short. By following Breeders Bootcamp, we are able to see how puppies want to learn, and how they want to impress us. It is so rewarding to see puppies grow up into such confident, well-trained, ready-to-learn, courageous dogs." 
- Leilah

Breeders Bootcamp Trainer

"As first time pet parents, we didn’t understand how important the first 12 weeks of a puppy's life were. Stephanie with Breeders Bootcamp educated us, and for that education we are forever grateful. This program has taught us how to be better pet owners. We understand more because the breeder understands more."


- Morgan and Hayden

Majors Dachshunds Owners