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Tailored to mentor and help anyone deliverying and raising a litter of puppies. Breeders Bootcamp offers a modern approach to online learning with our self-paced instructional videos and courses.


That's why I created Breeders Bootcamp.

AHA! The moment I realized that I had found the missing link that would forever change the way I raised a litter of puppies. The moment I knew I had a message to share and that there was no turning back. Hi... My name is Stephanie, and this is my story.       

I love dogs, I love raising dogs, and I love pushing myself as a breeder. Several years ago, I became increasingly aware of behavioral differences in my canines. Why would some dogs, who looked perfect on paper, struggle with anxiety and fear, while others could be so confident? Was this strictly genetics or could there be something more?  Piquing my curiosity, I began my journey to make sense of what I was seeing.  Through hours of research, studying different programs, and experimenting with my litters I found my missing link... POWER!! The power we hold during the critical first weeks that our puppies are in our care. That it takes more than genetics, health testing, and pedigrees to raise a healthy dog. To truly set each puppy up for success we must focus on their COGNITIVE and EMOTIONAL needs as well.

And that's why I created Breeders Bootcamp. To offer continuing education on delivery and raising a litter of puppies. Let Breeders Bootcamp help you discover THE MAJOR DIFFERENCE.



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Our Founding Principles

Breeders Bootcamp was created with the intention of educating, empowering, and supporting breeders of all experience levels as we recognize the CRITICAL role we play in a puppy's life. Join us and learn for yourself what it means to experience The Major Difference.


“Education is the most powerful weapon... you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela Here at Breeders Bootcamp, we are passionate about EDUCATING breeders on the important role they play, along with sharing some of the best ways to raise a litter of puppies. We know that in order to make a difference, we must SHARE with others what we have learned. 


At Breeders Bootcamp, we believe in the POWER that comes from continuing education. The knowledge and confidence to deliver and raise puppies in a way that they and their pet parents will ultimately benefit from. Our goal is to EMPOWER and help lead others as they begin their breeding programs or look to improve upon the programs they currently run.


As a Breeders Bootcamp Community, we both recognize the need for and BELIEVE in an organization which     ENCOURAGES and SUPPORTS each other. By coming together and working towards a common goal, we are able to create the necessary environment that puppies need to develop and grow. 

Breeders Bootcamp's Master Class Curriculum 

Gain an Understanding of the POWER You Hold and How Critical Your Role Is as You Follow the Curriculum of our Best-Selling Master Class


12 Course Modules Comprising 75+ Individual Videos

+ Weekly Printables, Check Lists, Some of Our Favorite Podcasts, and Articles


Each module provides education and guidance focusing on the first three phases of puppy development: 

Neonatal, Transitional, and Socialization 

You'll learn about...

Words from Our Veterinarian

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Upon completion of Breeders Bootcamp's Master Class,  you will receive an official Breeders Bootcamp Certificate of Excellence and Badge, showing your commitment to continuing education. 

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