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Labor & Delivery

When it comes to labor & delivery this course is as comprehensive as it gets. The curriculum covers the entire process through multiple videos and photographs. You will receive invaluable information from our featured veterinarian, a recommended supply list, newborn exam, new mom exam, and more to guide you through the labor and delivery process.

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Master Class

The Master Class is a nine-week comprehensive training program showcasing some of the best proven practices. Our curriculum includes daily instructional videos, messages from our veterinarian, printable puppy trackers, supply lists, and more to guide you through the first nine weeks of raising a litter of puppies.

(Please note that New Puppy Transition is included within the Master Class.)

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Breeder Bundle

The Breeder Bundle is the complete package and best value for your money. Receive Labor & Delivery AND the Master Class, a combined eight+ hours of instruction presented in over 120 professionally produced videos. Get immediate lifetime access upon purchase. Available in AUD.

(Please note that New Puppy Transition is included within the Master Class.)

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New Puppy Transition

Education, consistency and communication are key when it comes to transitioning a puppy into its new home. This 12-minute course includes professional video instruction teaching firsthand how a Breeders Bootcamp puppy was raised, communicates, and has learned to learn. 

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