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Education, consistency and communication are key when it comes to transitioning a puppy into its new home. This 12-minute course includes professional video instruction teaching firsthand how a Breeders Bootcamp puppy was raised, communicates, and has learned to learn. 

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Allow us to educate your new puppy homes on how their puppy has been raised, communicates, and has learned to learn. ⁠


This 12-minute video-based course showcases what a Breeders Bootcamp puppy's first eight-nine weeks of life looked like. 

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Gift New Puppy Transition as part of your puppy packs for as little as $15 USD 

Regular price $30 USD. Orders of two or more will receive a 50% discount.

It is inexpensive and easy to share. Simply provide us names and emails and we do the work for you! This is an incredible resource for both you and your puppies' new families.


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Meet Your Instructor

Stephanie Major

Creator and Founder of Breeders Bootcamp

Stephanie Major, creator and founder of Breeders Bootcamp, has years of experience in breeding and raising puppies. Her love for helping others will become evident as you join her in the Breeders Bootcamp courses. She is a strong believer in good, better, best, and believes that there is always room for growth and learning. She is passionate about educating new puppy homes in order to help with the new puppy transition. In this course she shows families how their Breeders Bootcamp puppy was raised, communicates and has learned to learn.

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