Welcome toĀ Congenital Metatarsal Hyperextension

This FREE 10-minute course wasĀ created to share our personal experience with CMH (Congenital Metatarsal Hyperextension or inverted hind legs). The goal is to increase awareness, educate and give hope. It features professional video instruction includingĀ footage from our Labor & Delivery course.

You will be inspired by Pepper Jack's recovery. We learned so much from this beautiful little boy and love having the opportunity to share his story.

(Teraz dostępny z polskimi napisami)

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This course includes...


  • What Congenital Metatarsal Hyperextension is.
  • Professional pictures and video for visual learning.
  • Tips on caring for a CMH puppy and recommended supplies.
  • Exercises for a CMH puppy.
  • Additional links and resources to learn more about CMH.
  • Discount codes for additional courses.

What is the Investment?



Because this is a condition that we believe ALL breeders NEED to be educated on, CMH is being offered as a free course. (Regular price $30. Use code FREECMH at checkout.)

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Meet Your Instructor

Stephanie Major

Creator and Founder of Breeders Bootcamp

Stephanie Major, creator and founder of Breeders Bootcamp, has years of experience in breeding and raising puppies. Her love for helping others will become evident as you join her in the Breeders Bootcamp courses. She is a strong believer in good, better, best, and believes that there is always room for growth and learning. She is passionate about educating in order to help breeders and the puppies they raise. In this course she shares her personal experience with CMH.

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