Hello! My name is Stephanie. 

I'm the creator and founder of Breeders Bootcamp and course instructor for the Master Class and Labor & Delivery. 


Meet Stephanie


Stephanie Major, creator and founder of Breeders Bootcamp and the breeder behind Majors AKC Dachshunds, has years of experience in breeding and raising puppies. It is through this experience that she has come to understand the critical role breeders play during the first nine weeks of a puppy's life, and that there is much we can be doing to help each puppy develop a strong foundation.   

This is why Stephanie created Breeders Bootcamp. She has a genuine desire to mentor and educate anyone who is looking to begin, or improve upon, their breeding program. She is a strong believer in good, better, best, and believes that there is always room for growth and learning. 

Stephanie’s passion for helping others will become evident as you join her in the Breeders Bootcamp courses.  She will share the knowledge she has gained through her years of hands-on experience and countless hours of research and study.


That's why I created Breeders Bootcamp.

AHA! The moment I realized that I had found the missing link that would forever change the way I raised a litter of puppies. The moment I knew I had a message to share and that there was no turning back. Hi... My name is Stephanie, and this is my story.       

I love dogs, I love raising dogs, and I love pushing myself as a breeder. Several years ago, I became increasingly aware of behavioral differences in my canines. Why would some dogs, who looked perfect on paper, struggle with anxiety and fear, while others could be so confident? Was this strictly genetics or could there be something more?  Piquing my curiosity, I began my journey to make sense of what I was seeing.  Through hours of research, studying different programs, and experimenting with my litters I found my missing link... POWER!! The power we hold during the critical first weeks that our puppies are in our care. That it takes more than genetics, health testing, and pedigrees to raise a healthy dog. To truly set each puppy up for success we must focus on their COGNITIVE and EMOTIONAL needs as well.

And that's why I created Breeders Bootcamp. To share what I have learned through continuing education. Let Breeders Bootcamp help you discover THE MAJOR DIFFERENCE.

Meet the Breeders Bootcamp Team

Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

Stephanie Major


Stephanie is the heart and soul behind Breeders Bootcamp and has been passionately involved throughout the entire production process. She has her degree in business from Utah State University and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. However, it wasn't until she started raising dachshunds that she was able to find her true passion and has never looked back. She resides in Northern Utah with her husband, has three grown children, and is loving her role as Nana. Stephanie’s greatest joys come from God, family, dachshunds, and spending time in her yard.

Chief Marketing Officer 

Karlie Arave


Meet the sales and marketing team behind Breeders Bootcamp. Karlie has her degree in communications and marketing from Utah State University, along with a professional background in sales. She has a passion for creating stand out brands and delivering an exceptional customer experience. When she's not working with Breeders Bootcamp, she can be found spending time with her husband exploring the outdoors, biking, gardening, and trying to keep up with her busy children and two smooth Majors Dachshunds.

Featured Veterinarian

Dr. Jim Miller


Jim followed his dream of becoming a second-generation veterinarian by attending veterinary school at Colorado State University.  During this time, his interest in medicine and small animal reproduction grew considerably. For years he raised Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and loved the hands-on experience. His interests include canine reproduction, the human-animal bond, and orthopedic surgery. Dr. Miller co-owns Heritage Animal Hospital and lives in Northern Utah with his beautiful wife and four awesome children. 


Chris Sattel


Chris Sattel is an owner of GoGo Entertainment and has been working in film and television for over 20 years. He is living his dream as the producer of Beyond the Backlot, a YouTube channel where movies from the past come back to life . His interests include movies, beach life, Disneyland and Broncos football. He currently lives in Huntington Beach, CA with his family and two spoiled Majors Dachshunds. 

Lead Videographer 

Jake Major


Jake graduated from Utah State University.  While his schooling is in business, he has a love for photography and videography and the opportunity it provides to connect with individuals and landscapes across the world. He has spent time living in Minnesota, California, Georgia, and Lima Peru pursuing collegiate athletics, service opportunities, and work. His hobbies include snow skiing, mountain biking, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.


Poznaj Nasz Polski Zespół

Meet our Polish Team

Lider Zespołu

Marzena Misiec

Marzena od 2022 roku jest fanką Breeders Bootcamp i zwolenniczką wprowadzenia kursów w Polsce. Udało nam się to osiągnąć na początku 2024 roku. Bez Marzeny nie byłoby to możliwe. Jest hodowcą Honey Doodles i mieszka w Kobyłce w Polsce.

Marzena, our Polish Team Leader, has been a supporter of Breeders Bootcamp since 2022 and an advocate for bringing the courses to Poland. In early 2024 we made that happen.  Without Marzena this would not have been possible. She is the breeder behind Honey Doodles and is located in Kobyłka , Poland. 

Główny Tłumacz

Natalia Czajkowska

Natalia prowadzi hodowlę Happy Doodles w Poznaniu (Polska).

Natalia is our Head Transcriber and the breeder behind Happy Doodles . She lives in Poznan, Poland.


Kamila Łuczak

Kamila prowadzi hodowlę Noodle Doodle w Krakowie (Polska).

Kamila is the breeder behind Noodle Doodle and lives in Kraków, Poland.

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