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As comprehensive as it gets, this self-paced course showcases raising a litter of puppies incorporating best proven practices. Gain an understanding of the critical role you play while learning techniques to assure each puppy develops a strong foundation. Enjoy nine weeks of daily instructional videos with breeder Stephanie Major and our featured veterinarian, Dr. Jim Miller, DVM.

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Gain an Understanding of the POWER You Hold and How Critical Your Role Is as You Follow the Curriculum of our Best-Selling Master Class


12 Course Modules Comprising 75+ Individual Videos


+ New Puppy Transition 


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Each module provides education and guidance focusing on the first three phases of puppy development: 

Neonatal, Transitional, and Socialization 

You'll learn about...

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What Breeders are Saying


"This course is so easily outlined & the daily videos make it simple to follow along. The lessons the puppies learn relate to their daily lives & benefit them greatly when overcoming new challenges. Everything combined from this course will create the most well-rounded puppies. 

Our new puppy families have been thrilled with the level of training & awareness these puppies have. All are sleeping through the night from day one, they are actively seeking out an appropriate area to toilet, they are confident in their new surroundings & wanting to explore. They are not relying on human interaction 24-7 to keep themselves entertained. 

This course has forever changed the way I raise puppies. Yes, it is more work but seeing them thrive in their new homes makes everything worth it!"

 - Dachshund Dynasty, Australia    

Meet Your Instructors

Featured Veterinarian

Dr. Jim Miller


Jim followed his dream of becoming a second-generation veterinarian by attending school at Colorado State University.  During this time, his interest in medicine and small animal reproduction grew considerably. For years he raised Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and loved the hands-on experience. His interests include canine reproduction, the human-animal bond, and orthopedic surgery. Dr. Miller co-owns Heritage Animal Hospital and lives in Northern Utah with his beautiful wife and four awesome children. 

Creator and Founder of Breeders Bootcamp 

Stephanie Major


Stephanie is the heart and soul behind Breeders Bootcamp and has been passionately involved throughout the production process of each course. She has years of experience in breeding and raising puppies. Her passion for helping others will become evident as you join her in the Master Class. She will share the knowledge she has gained through her years of hands-on experience and countless hours of research and study. She resides in Northern Utah with her husband and pack of dachshunds.

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