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When it comes to labor and delivery this continuing education course is as comprehensive as it gets. The curriculum covers the entire process through multiple videos and photographs. You will receive invaluable information from our featured veterinarian, a recommended supply list, newborn exam, new mom exam, and more to guide you through the labor and delivery process.

(Teraz dostńôpny z polskimi napisami)

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When it comes to delivering a litter of puppies, breeders need to be prepared for whatever is thrown their way. EDUCATION is critical. PREPARATION and KNOWLEDGE are key.

This is why Stephanie created Labor & Delivery. She loves continuing education and sharing with others... Especially when it comes to delivery day.

Being educated and prepared for difficult situations will give you the tools you need and the confidence to act fast. Time is of the essence and can be the difference between life and death. This course was designed for breeders of all experience levels and breeding styles. 

We invite you to join Stephanie and our featured veterinarian, Dr. Jim Miller, DVM as they discuss all things labor and delivery. 


Labor & Delivery Curriculum

Five Course Modules Comprising 40+ Individual Videos 

Each module provides education and guidance from confirming pregnancy through delivery day.

You'll learn about...

Featured Veterinarian:

Receive an hour of instruction from our featured veterinarian. Learn about confirming pregnancy, nutrition and preconception preparation, pre-whelping x-rays, working veterinarian relationships, litter size, oxytocin, braxton hicks, mom's temperature, changes in mom's body, stages of labor, when water breaks, umbilical cord care, stuck puppies, red flags, retained placentas, getting pups breathing, colostrum, birth defects, biosecurity and herpes, fading puppy syndrome, and mom's post-delivery care.


Pennie's Vlog:

Follow Pennie's progress during her final week of pregnancy. This is a big week for moms-to-be. Enjoy seven daily videos showcasing changes in her body and behaviors. Then join us as we begin preparations for delivery day along with discussing recommended supplies to have on hand.

Delivery Day:

Witness the beautiful births of Pennie's six puppies while learning about the accordion technique, suctioning the airways, and administering oxygen. Learn to recognize situations where time is of the essence and gain the skills to act quickly and confidently in emergency situations.

Course Wrap-Up:

Review Pennie's difficult delivery, learn about the benefits of fresh frozen plasma, become educated on CMH (congenital metatarsal hyperextension) and get a two-week pup-date.


Bonus Footage:

Enjoy bonus footage from the delivery of three additional puppies while incorporating the tools and techniques we have discussed.

What Breeders Are Saying

"In preparation for my upcoming litter I had the opportunity to see the Labor & Delivery course. I'm calm and feel prepared. Following Stephanie gives me a sense of security and her soothing voice gives me strength and peace. This course is exactly what I needed."

Marzena Misiec - Honey Doodles, Poland

"Beautiful, I absolutely loved it.  Stephanie has done a magnificent job and it’s really encouraging starting out now with so much more knowledge and insight. The clips from Dr Miller were a great touch. I cannot thank her enough for the training she has provided."

Nicole Bowey - Portobello Dachshunds, Australia

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Meet Your Instructors

Featured Veterinarian

Dr. Jim Miller


Jim followed his dream of becoming a second-generation veterinarian by attending school at Colorado State University.  During this time, his interest in medicine and small animal reproduction grew considerably. For years he raised Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and loved the hands-on experience. His interests include canine reproduction, the human-animal bond, and orthopedic surgery. Dr. Miller co-owns Heritage Animal Hospital and lives in Northern Utah with his beautiful wife and four awesome children. 

Creator and Founder of Breeders Bootcamp 

Stephanie Major


Stephanie is the heart and soul behind Breeders Bootcamp and has been passionately involved throughout the production process of each course. She has years of experience in breeding and raising puppies. Her passion for helping others will become evident as you join her in the Labor & Delivery course. She will share the knowledge she has gained through her years of hands-on experience and countless hours of research and study. She resides in Northern Utah with her husband and pack of dachshunds.

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