The Promise I Made to Myself

Aug 03, 2021

"Keep it REAL, Keep it KINDKeep an OPEN MIND."

This is the promise I made to myself nine months ago when I first began my journey with Breeders Bootcamp. 

While it has been an incredible experience, it has also been one of the HARDEST things I’ve ever done. 

Putting in eight months of blood, sweat, and tears, filming 63 days of content back-to-back, and opening up my heart and my home for everyone to see was not easy. I questioned myself at times, thinking will people like what I have done? Will they care? Did I do enough...? 

On the last day of filming, my emotions overcame me. I was exhausted and slightly broken. 

Murphy, my sweet dachshund, sat with me while I cried. For over an hour he simply laid his head on my shoulder and comforted me.


At 50 years old, some people may wonder why I did this, but the answer is quite simple… Because the puppies DESERVE it! I will never regret opening up to help others when I know that it might make a difference. 

Puppies bring incredible joy into the world and deserve to be given the best possible start. I believe that this journey of mine is one I was meant to go on, even if it was ultimately God's way of helping me get to know myself better.

Thank you for allowing me a raw moment. My goal is to be transparent and open about the things that I do and the experiences I have, even when it comes to the hard stuff. 

Now… If anyone needs me, I will be out playing with my dogs. 

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